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Creating the Wandering Optimist began when I faced a fourth summer after teaching art at an international school in Istanbul, Turkey.

I have been surrounded by expatriates and third culture kids for nearly my whole life. Living as an American expat in Istanbul and remembering my upbringing as a Third Culture Kid in Eastern Europe had awakened a desire in me to share stories of these globally minded people I was surrounded by.

I understood some plights and joys of growing up far away from my passport country. Though I love my global community, I have struggled with notions of belonging to any physical space, being uprooted and replanted multiple times, feeling blind to cultural norms, and feeling like a foreigner everywhere.

The hope became to create a space where the global community could create beauty, write out their experiences, publish rich wisdom, and unite under some fundamental similarities: we all live in this complex and intricately tangled global world.

The Wandering Optimist is to be a space filled with narratives, raw emotion, art, hope, joy and wisdom. We hope you find this space beneficial, beautiful, and a place where everyone can feel a little more connected.

With love,

Wendy Waldrop
Founder of the Wandering Optimist

"We do not find the meaning of life by ourselves alone - we find it with another."